Hello Readers!

My name is Joshua and this place is intended for something I’ve never done before… To write about my penis.

Foreskin restoration – when first encountered – usually is jarring enough to physically alter the expression on someone’s face. I’m convinced that’s largely because of how sexually backward we are here in the United States. We do all manner of things behind closed doors, but god forbid we own up to our actions if anyone else learn of them. Well, at least that’s what I’ve noticed in my own experience. And frankly, some of that is likely instilled in me and is why I have yet to decide on whether my face will be included here as it is on the About page of my other blog. I do foresee this changing, though, as I hate the idea that others’ insecurities could have such an impact on my life’s expression. If you’re reading this and my face is here, too, then you’ll know I got beyond that and just haven’t updated this part of the About page here.

I don’t recall how long ago I first learned of restoration, but it was more than a few years ago. Initially, I did some poking around online to learn as much as I could as quickly as I could – which is usually how I attempt to learn anything. All at once or as close to it as I can humanly manage. During that time, I came across some information that argued the legitimacy of restoration efforts – although, looking back, none of it was terribly conclusive, and I feel like some time was stolen from me (given up by me) because back then those weak arguments were enough to dissuade me from beginning this process.

Since then, however, I’ve done a good bit more research and am now resolved to pursue this effort and see it through to completion. With that in mind, as I have mentioned, this blog will document my journey – and likely the journey of others as I’m permitted to share, plus resources and information available as I find it, including bringing together information from as many different resources as I can find – in as organized a fashion as I am able.

WARNING: It is highly likely there will be content on this site that is NSFW and should be viewed only by those who are 18 years of age or older and understand that the nature of this blog and its content is not – ever – intended to be pornographic.

This blog contains mature content (text, photo, video, and web links) relating to male genital anatomy, the process of foreskin restoration, and additional related material. The content is NSFW and is intended for adults only – in many areas, viewing by minors (defined as those individuals who are yet to reach or surpass the age of 18 years) is strictly prohibited.

Thanks for reading.