Strange Afternoon at Urologist

There was a forum post that I happened across recently on the restoringforeskin site. I’m really loving that site. The past week was so full for me that I wasn’t able to get onto the site much, and this weekend I’ve gone back on (which is when I came across the forum post that this post is about) and I’m glad to have. It really is a great resource for any man looking to restore and it’s one of the first resources I direct guys toward when I learn that they are considering restoration. Cited below is a direct copy / paste I did from the forum post I just mentioned. The title of this post (I think) is the same as the forum post.

I wanted to bring the content of that post to Velanidi because I also received the opinion of a urologist. My primary care physician was the first medical personality that I mentioned restoration to and she readily admitted her ignorance on the matter – an admission I appreciate. I’d much rather someone outright say they know nothing on a matter and ask to be included on developments (as she did) for the sake of rectifying that ignorance than automatically assuming the mention was of something bogus and then dismiss it entirely or worse yet, advise against it. So my PCP admitted she knew nothing, then roped in a trusted urologist friend – whose opinion she said she values greatly. The feedback from the urologist was minimal and less than encouraging. The answer we received was that this urologist considered there to be almost no medical backing for restoration efforts or methods and that the overall opinion is that I would be disappointed with my results.

Even with that having been said, my primary care didn’t tell me I shouldn’t. The experience shared below is overall more positive than the one I had, but still kind of what I would expect. Notable influences in this experience are that the patient AND doctor are both gay, and I really think that makes all the difference. Hopefully, you will take from this as much as I did and find it overall to be inspiriting.

Thanks for reading!

“I’ve seen a few other posts on this topic, but no two are ever the same. I made an appointment with a new urologist for a basic prostate check up (nothing major, maybe just prostatitis) and specifically chose this one because he’s male, gay, and got great ratings as someone who spends time with his patients and isn’t running the meter and using a stopwatch. I was his last appt of the day and the only person in the waiting room. Bingo so far! Got checked in, met him, got the finger exam and chit-chatted about that topic and a couple of others I had listed, and then he asked if that was for this visit. No, one last item: For almost 20 years, I’ve been doing this thing called foreskin restoration. Are you familiar with it? What’s your opinion about it from a medical POV.

“He grinned, raised an eyebrow, and sat back and folded his arms. He was quite familiar with it! I thought for a second he was going to say he was doing it as we spoke, but no. His familiarity with it was a little different. He’s performed three, count ’em THREE circs on guys who restored and didn’t like the results!!! So these would be re-circs!!! He was baffled by the requests and the whole process, but he did them. One was done on a friend. He knew nothing about said friend’s restoring until he came to see him professionally.

“(Let me just go ahead and say that I know many of us here are very emotional and political about circumcision, docs and urologists, and the medical field in general. I did not proselytize our cause, nor did I bash his profession, because I had an opportunity to have an open conversation about something near and dear to me and chose the path of mutual respect without animosity, and got the same in return. But when he asked, with no judgment implied, why I was doing restoration I firmly told him my truth: that I wanted back what I felt had been taken from me without my permission, and while I would never know what I was supposed to have had, I wanted to return as much as possible to that state. Dad and grandad were cut, so I had no genetic reference to check out. I let him know how it has made a difference for me physically and psychologically. He nodded and smiled and said he respected that.)

“So this conversation went on for 25 or 30 minutes!!! (another reason I selected him.) He was as fascinated with my story as I was with his details and opinions. He knew a little about t-taping and strapping, even! I had planned ahead and brought my DTR to the office with me. He checked it out, said it looked excellently crafted and seemed perfectly safe. Since trou had already been dropped for the previous probing and upcoming check of the ‘nads, I pulled my shirt tail up and showed him my results. He said that in all honesty, unless he did a close-up exam for mucosal lining and frenulum, I looked completely natural to him. Many of his uncut patients have short foreskins, and I easily “passed” at this point. Keep it up and you’ll be indistinguishable from the real thing. He said one of his re-circ patients was unhappy because his restored foreskin just hung there like the open end of a sock, so he was amazed that I was developing a very realistic looking skin that conformed to my glans well, and he could see there was even a nice little lip beginning to show (exactly where the scar is, he also noted.) I showed him how I apply the DTR, gave it a couple of good tugs, and he was amazed by it. He gave me some insight about skin growth and what I was doing to my body, how the inner mucosal skin and outer skin work together, and overall he didn’t have any concerns about the process as far as possible harm was concerned. Be careful of the amount of force/weights I use, etc. He is going to check the DTR site and find out more about it and its mechanics so that in the future he has more information to offer.

“I have a follow-up in 30 days for the prostatitis bit, and I might just show up with a t-tape and leg strap in place for more show and tell! To be continued…”

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