New Readers

Occasionally, I’ll get notifications from WordPress to tell me that I have a new subscriber here on Blog Velanidi and I wanted to quickly write something about that.

Because of the nature of this blog (y’know, penises and all), WordPress requires that I have a very specific kind of landing page people hit when they come here, as well as very specific disclaimer information on that page. That would be the “About” page you, dear reader, likely came to when you first found this blog space. That “start” page does a fair enough job at explaining why I started and maintain this blog as well as what sort of content to generally expect here, but in light of an uptick in new subscribers to this space I’d like to add to it.

Your input is very helpful to me!

Most of the readers here come and go and no one other than myself and the reader ever know the difference. And that’s fine – I make no income from the traffic here and strangely enough, the purpose of this blog isn’t really even to draw attention to it so much as to document my own journey for my own reference later (with, of course, visibility that might benefit others traveling the same path). And I do recognize that some might prefer to stay in the shadowy periphery because they are hesitant to in any way be identified in associate with a blog about penises or foreskin, etc… And I can respect that, too.

However, I very much welcome input in the form of comments or private messages with regard to the content published here as well as any content you would like to see in future posts. This, in my mind, would serve a dual purpose: It will help propel my own restoration journey and research and will make this blog space a place you will want to visit and with content you will want to read / see.

Thanks for reading – and thank you for your input!