Foreskin Pride

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and yesterday (June 10th) was the date of our annual Gay Pride celebration. I enjoy going with my husband, my brother and his wife, and whomever else we can drag along with us. It’s always a good time and quite family friendly – which I think most people don’t expect.

Speaking of things unexpected, this year I ran into someone who might be considered something of a celebrity in the restoration community. His name is Ron Low ( INFO SITE HERE ) and I first learned of him only after beginning my own restoration efforts and only as the inventor of the TLC Tugger ( click here to learn about that ) – which I’ve written about and linked to before. But he’s clearly more than just a guy who came up with a means for men to restore their foreskin. He’s an intactivist – someone who speaks against circumcision publicly.

As with many other Gay Pride fests, there are a number of vendors present – organizations who pay a fee in order to access space inside the fest for the purpose of setting up a booth of sorts and gaining visibility to the gay community and its supporters during the festival. Ron Low had a booth set up for “Foreskin Pride” and employed the rainbow colors of the Gay Pride flag.

He was also one of the few vendors there who actually left his own booth (it was manned by others who were there with him) and went into the festival to actively seek interactions with fest goers. He had in his hands a small stack of what might be called pamphlets, although it was really more like a card – thin paper stock, though, printed on both sides. You’ll see that here.

This approach surely gained the intactivist cause DOUBLE exposure. People wandering around from one direction might encounter his booth where volunteers were stationed to answer questions and educate people and Ron himself, away from the booth, might encounter those coming from a different direction from which point he could place a card into their hands, speak to them directly, and put a face to the cause – showing everyone a normal guy and not some “weirdo,” fringe personality.

When I saw Ron, I immediately recognized him and started making my way to him – dragging my husband and family with me in the process. He was absolutely approachable and quite friendly – ever ready for a photo op, as you can see here, and which I took advantage of! (Not the best pic of me, but whatever)

Ron Low and Me

My sister-in-law, who will be giving birth to her first son in August, was very clear (and immediately so!) that when my nephew was born she WOULD be having him cut. She referred back to a man she’d dated before meeting my brother and how he was uncut and “his cock looked like one of those tube worms you see at the bottom of the ocean.” I expressed my disappointment and sadness, but tried to do so without bringing the mood down too much or being too confrontational – after all, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, right? Arguing with her right there and trying to shove intactivist literature down her throat in the middle of a Pride event would have been unproductive, to say the least. But I digress.

Every year at the Indy Pride event there is a booth for foreskin restoration. I don’t know exactly when this started but I can attest that it’s been the case for at least the last few years. This is the first time I’ve seen (or at least the first time I’ve recognized) Ron as being present, too. It’s a fantastic boon to the Indy area to have him attend and I hope our Pride event (as well as any other fests these guys could have a presence at!) continues to present foreskin restoration to the masses as well as education about how terrible and unnecessary circumcision is.

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It’s been a while since I completed a book review – which is because it’s been a while since I completed a book. But the book in the photo above is a recent read for me and certainly worthy of talking about here.

The first thing I can say about it is that it’s THE penis pic book of foreskin restoration books. There are 67 actual photos of penises in the book, which from front cover to back cover just barely surpasses 200 pages. In addition to those 67 photos (all of which are in black-n-white and look to be from the 80s or earlier) there are probably about another 15-20 other images which also depict the penis… sometimes as a medical-like diagram or like something you’d see from an Egyptian sarcophagus. There’s one “drawing” that shows the movement of the foreskin as the penis penetrates a generic bodily orifice. To say the least, the book has plenty of “illustrations” and other visuals.

One thing I did learn which I’m not sure I knew before reading this book is that there is a “S-T-R-E-T-C-H” which occurs whenever the penis hardens and during penetration. Apparently, this is something the male isn’t usually ever acutely aware of. For instance, he’s unlikely ever to say, “WOW – my skin is stretching and it feels good.” But as the penis hardens and the foreskin is drawn back and becomes tighter, that tightening is the S-T-R-E-T-C-H which not only exposes certain nerves endings but also is a form of stimulation. The book suggests that this S-T-R-E-T-C-H creates a subconscious desire to re-plunge the penis into the orifice to feel a repeat sensation.

Beyond that, I’m afraid to say that the book isn’t terribly informative. It IS informative, but not terribly so – if that makes any sense. It’s interesting and as mentioned before many pages are … umm … vivid. But aside from an actual nugget of real information to be found here and there somewhat randomly, the book is mostly pictures and chapters of gossip-like composition and opinion (as far as my interpretation goes).

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Inflation on the Rise

One method that some men use to restore foreskin is known as inflation. In a nutshell, this involves sealing off the glans & skin similarly to the way one would to tug or retain (separate posts on those topics) and filling up that empty area.

The idea is that the empty area is filled so completely that the end of the penis becomes rather bulbous in shape and this in turn is a form of stretching for the skin. I’ve seen inflation use air and urine and a balloon, respectively. There have been instances I’ve seen where the same area that would be filled with air or urine is instead filled with tissue or sponge or even glue sticks.

I’m including videos here that will help to illustrate the inflation method. For an inflation attempt using one’s own urine you can click here. The video is hosted on Xtube porn site. And using the password “restore” you can click here to see a private video of a man using a balloon to employ the inflation method.

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Restoration in Spanish

Occasionally, I connect with people who are walking a similar path and these connections turn out to be extra enjoyable or beneficial. This happened recently when a reader of Velanidi turned out to have his own restoration blog.

We connected online and I’ve checked out his blog. It’s busy but very well made. He publishes in Spanish, which is his first language, but if you open the blog in the Google Chrome web browser there is a translate feature Google Chrome will ask you about and if you say yes then Chrome will translate the site.

To view this young man’s blog, simply click here.

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Blogs II

Here are a list of foreskin picture blogs that I have saved over the span of a long time… I think they can help one in understanding the diversity of types of foreskin that there are and also possibly help mark a goal. As a warning in case you aren’t interested or might otherwise be offended, some of these are mostly of a homoerotic nature. Thanks for reading.



I came across another foreskin product online recently. The product, like a few others, is a wearable foreskin. The post included a link to an eBay listing for the product which comes from Hong Kong and which can be viewed by clicking here. It looks as expensive as it really is – the listing currently show a price of $7, plus s&h.

It looks like the sleeve is meant to prolong sexual experience by delaying the male ejaculation but it also looks like it could somewhat act as a retainer and would aid in the de-keratinization process.

I’ll admit, of all the fake foreskins I’ve seen I suspect this to be one of the most comfortable and very inexpensive.

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Rollover Already!

“Rollover” is something most restoring men look forward to. It’s surely one of the milestones noted along the way to fully restored foreskin. We start with none – thanks to circumcision. Some of us start having been cut very very tightly.

Then we get what might be called some breathing room. The skin begins to “move.” For me, with a relatively loose circumcision, I found breathing room within two months of starting my own restoration process. You can see as much in an earlier post here where I shared some progress.

A while after hitting the “breathing room” mark, you might find yourself at a point in restoration that could be labeled the “bunching phase.” It’s at this point that the extra skin gained begins to gather at the corona. It’s also around this stage that many restoring me begin to lament being “stuck” and complain some about how much more effort and time is required to keep progressing.

Recently on “the” restoring site I saw a post created by a member and he’d added his own illustration. He’s been restoring for a while and has progressed through the aforementioned stages – and like many before him, was kinda stuck. But he noticed something else, he was bunching… and bunching… and bunching. And not ever rolling over. He provided the illustration below to depict the predicament.

Image taken from UpwardLemon's blog post on RF site
Image taken from UpwardLemon’s blog post on RF site

You can see his frustration, visible in the drawing and his handwriting – and rightly so! There is an actual self-pic of his penis posted on the restoring website, but I didn’t feeling posting that here is really warranted. Trust me, after having viewed his actual pic I can attest that he’s not kidding or exaggerating. He’s got loads and loads of bunching and has yet to achieve “rollover.”

I’m not as far along as he is, but I can certainly begin to sympathize. Progress feels too slow already and then to get “stuck” doesn’t help one’s mood. As encouragement, other members commented on his post and assured that it’s a temporary frustration and will essentially fix itself with time and through gaining additional skin.

Apparently, it’s not at all unheard of for this continued bunching to take place and there eventually is reached a tipping point whereat the bunching basically becomes too much for its own good and succumbs to providing actual rollover – which I’m sure is helped by the restorer making sure there is ample inner and outer skin to facilitate rollover and a retaining routine established to help train the skin more and more forward.

Overall, I was really glad to happen across the post and the illustration. Frankly, a lot of things like this that I happen across feel very “common sense” to me. In that light, I don’t feel I gain much information from them really. However, seeing what might be down the road for me is helpful and knowing the things others on a similar path have dealt with – what was found to be frustrating, what was helpful or not, and seeing that the obstacle is something that will eventually be left behind are all very encouraging things for me and where the real value for me stays. I’m glad to see others posting things like this!

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Coverage Index

The posts here are starting to become numerous enough that looking back through them to review the things I’ve covered is kind of a hassle. With that in mind, I’ll ask you now to pardon me if from here on out I touch on things you may already have read about.

This post will be mostly one of pictures – something “readers” here usually enjoy more than paragraph after paragraph of black-n-white words. I thought it would be useful to publish a post about something called a Coverage Index (aka CI). I think in past posts I’ve mentioned this and maybe even linked to it – I know there are sites that show what I’m sharing here, but some of those require you to create an account, etc… to view the content you want to see. I’m putting it here for easy reference and access, since you aren’t required to subscribe or anything to view this blog.

The digest version of an explanation for what the CI / RCI is, is … An index that allows you to gauge how much foreskin coverage you currently have. The amount of coverage a male might have can vary greatly even when uncircumcised. Some have what could be considered excessive “overhang” while others are hardly covered at all and even might experience constriction. (You might Google the terms “acroposthion” and “phimosis” to learn more about these things … I might cover / have covered those topics here, too.)  So even in uncut males there can be a wide range of glans coverage. When you look at this from the cut side of things and factor in that each circumcised male also started from a slightly different place and then was circumcised using any number of available techniques, it’s not tough at all to understand how not every guy has the same level of foreskin coverage.

The benefit of the CI / RCI for men who are circumcised and pursuing restoration is that being able to know where we are starting helps us to assess what might be our best initial approach. In truth, most restoring men will use a variety of methods or devices, and some even insist on a variety, but regardless of variety that might occur down the road each must know where he’s starting, and so I’m sharing images here to help you gauge where you are currently, whether cut or uncut.

I hope this is helpful and thanks for reading.


Blogs, etc …

I am hoping this WordPress place will become a decent gathering spot of information related to foreskin restoration and because of that I’m always on the search for anything else to include here.

In this post, I’m simply providing a number of links to places around the Internet that might prove interesting or instructional to those of us restoring our foreskin. Some of these sites are purely for entertainment or amusement or… depending on your take, they could be seen as encouraging. Others are meant to help inform us as we go and might be resources readers here might otherwise not come across.

At any rate, I do hope these prove to be of some value. Thanks for reading.

  1. Polyamorous Kris, and his girlfriend, maintain the “My Restore” site and write about more than foreskin. Learn more by clicking here.
  2. Restoring Tally site is a site by the Tally of the Restoring Foreskin website – an incredible resource for men who are restoring their foreskin. This site covers a broad range of things from restoration to intactivism. Visit Restoring Tally by clicking here.
  3. A page on the Bilerico Project site contains some good information as well as links at the bottom of the page that are useful for additional education and resources. Click here to access that site / page.
  4. The Reddit site, for anyone unfamiliar, is crazy busy with information on pretty much all things. You can get a subscription as well as just see the latest pieces added to the site. Clicking here will take you to a reddit page on foreskin restoration where there are additional clickables. Have fun!
  5. On Tumblr (not unlike Reddit) you can find “blogs” or pages on virtually all subjects and all levels of content from mundane to absolutely obscene. This Tumblr page is a nice resource for those of us who need visuals or are visual learners.
  6. Clicking here will take you to another WordPress site, “Lizard Dick.” It’s not been updated since July 2013 (as of the publishing of this post) but could make for some good reading if you are interested in following the journey others are going / have gone through.
  7. Another WordPress page, found here, is another journal of someone’s foreskin restoration journey. It begins in June 2007 and seems to have ended in Janurary of 2009.

I’ll stop here for now… I think I have another post planned for publishing that will be similar in nature to this one. Readers – if there are sites you know of that have been helpful / instructional / informative to you, or you know of resources that seem to be able to answer many of the typical questions restorers have then please let me know. I’d love to include them here.

Thanks for reading.

Coach.Me App



In my adventures with restoring so far, I’ve come across so many aids and resources for men who are restoring.

In addition to those things online, I’m coming across a growing number of apps on phones that can be of help. The KIK app has a number of groups that one can find and join. For anyone not familiar, KIK is a chat app. Others can know your username and chat you privately or you can join group chats and connect with others in that way.

Another useful app is the “Coach.Me” app. It’s a free app, and I feel like I read somewhere that it used to have a different name, but is now called “” And, for all I know, the name I know it by might be unique for the Android phones – is it possible the same app will be called something else for iPhones?

At any rate, the Coach.Me app is easy to use and pleasing to the eye. Each day the app reminds you to “check in” which is the easiest thing in the world to do. As easy as touching a big blue check mark which turns green and then gives you a thumbs up. When you check in you have the chance to add a comment or a note – when I’ve used the app to track my foreskin restoration I would add a note each time indicating the method I planned to use that day or other noteworthy influence on my restoration efforts.

There are daily motivational quotes and other users can send you “props” for keeping at it. This app can be used for just about anything you want to stay motivated toward – I’ve seen groups for everything from daily exercise to avoiding masturbation. And I believe that the app allows you the opportunity to connect with actual professional coaches who can motivate you and guide to toward reaching whatever goal you might be using the app for.

As I write and publish this post, I’ll likely be in the process of uninstalling the app from my phone. My reason for this is nothing to do with the app itself – I’d recommend it, for sure. But I find myself spread too thinly in too many directions. It takes motivation and encouragement for the duration of the restoration process but I personally don’t need this blog, Facebook groups, the forums online, KIK groups, books, AND this app.

So check it out. Or don’t. Regardless, thanks for reading.